Seven Deadly Sins Photography Project


I embarked on this personal creative project I been wanting to work on for the longest. Ever since I saw the movie Se7en back in 1995, I have been fascinated by the seven deadly sins. We commit these sins at least once a day even in the slight little way. Iono bout yall… But I do. This is the finale piece. I have worked on this diligently for 7 days. Photography is courtesy of Larry Barry Photography, and male model is Samoht Brown of Atlanta, GA.

Gluttony—I suffer from this all the time… I can’t never lose weight because of it. I NEED more!!! NOM NOM NOM! I will eat to beyond stuffing, and firmly believe NO food should go to waste when there are hungry people like myself willing to eat it all for you… with cheese… and bacon… with extra mayo.

Greed—I fear of being broke all the time. I am terrified of making investments. Why share if “I” can have it all? *Insert evil laugh here* Why I got to give the Lord 10%? It’s MINE MINE MINE!!! WHAT is He gonna do with my 10% materialistic money? He is supernatural omnipotent! What he gonna do with it? He don’t need Benjamin’s! Those are MINE! I work hard for it. Yes, it’s a sin because my greed and selfishness sometimes stop me from my blessings. Thus I know…. for the Bible told me so.

Sloth—Lazy, tired, clothes unclean, dishes not done, dog not walked. etc.

That’s what kids are for…

Pride—I like to admire my beauty fifty times a day… Don’t you? No? Oh… Okay

Envy—I hate rich people, I hate people with no kids, I hate people with easy jobs, I hate people who get their hair done every two weeks, I hate people who are HAPPILY married while I am a single mother.. UGH THEY MAKE ME SICK!

Wrath—It is Omnipotent in itself. Ask my exes…

Lust—Lets sing it together ♪ “I bet the neighbors know my name, Oooh oooh ohhhh!!! ♪ No? Okay…