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Katoria Holloway

Katoria Holloway

Like many who have received my business card or visited this website you are probably wondering what the name means. Honestly it is a long story involving a Freudian slip, and choking on some sweet and sour chicken while talking with my mouth full. What was actually said stuck in my head, hence the name of this freelance business of mine.

Well a little about me, I’m a freelance digital media artist, with a emphasis on print design. Strangely enough I am also a certified professional tax preparer. Two different wave lengths… I know.

As far as personal me… I bore two humans, one is off to college, the other will be soon. My equally artistic husband (shameless plug here: he is a tattoo artist and I designed his website) and myself along with the upcoming college student live in Atlanta, GA. I am also extremely active in my sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. When I am not in front of my laptop trying to read HTML, doodling on a piece of paper I am certain is not meant to be doodl’ed on (seriously, you should see my desk), and learning the newest “thing” in the graphics world, I am an avid social media junkie or out with my humans soaking up this Southern life.


A Collection of Skill and Knowledge

Sigma Mu Zeta Website Design
SplashyYy Tatts Web Design
Phi Omicron Zeta Website Design
dDirect Website Design
Hair Gawdz Logo Design
Hornsby Law Firm Logo Design
Get Roc'd Up Logo Design
Atlas Academy Logo Design
It's A Love Movement Logo Design
Perfected Technologies Logo Design
Mo4Ya Logo Design
Merritt Behavioral Health Services Logo Design
splashyyy tatts Logo
We Golf Too! Logo
Spirit Mind Body By Lai Logo
Merritt Health Services Logo Design
Butler Branding & Imaging Group Logo Design
Sigma Mu Zeta Chapter Logo
Respect The Roc Logo
The Candle Cook Logo
Psamathe Rhapso Logo
Alternate Psamathe Rhapso Logo
Omega Epsilon Zeta Logo
Alpha Upsilon Logo
FMG Logo
Artistic Vision Logo
2014 SMZ Souvenir Journal
Eric and Victoria Huguenin Wedding Invitation
2012 OEZ Gala Souvenir Book Cover
Blu' Pearl - Fall 2015 Magazine Layout
2012 State of Georgia Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. State Conference Souvenir Book Cover
KORE Flier Sept 19th
KORE Flier Sept 26th
SplashyYy Tattoo Business Card
2010 Photoshop Holiday Card
Wigs And Wine Down Fundraising Flyer
Seven Deadly Sins Photography Project
Photoshop Na'vi Avatar Project
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration 2
Reclaiming the Seal Book Cover

FrequentlyAsked Questions

+ What kind of graphic design services do you provide?

My graphic design services are varied and comprehensive. But I specialize in branding design, which includes logo design, web design, graphics for web sites and social media, direct mail design, and stationery – including business card, letterhead, envelope, mailing label, and presentation folder design. Contact me to see what me can do for you.

+ How much do you charge for…

Believe it or not, getting quality custom graphic design isn’t as pricy as you may think! Many of my clients love my prices for the work and turnaround time I provide. Prices depend on many variants but you can be sure you are getting a great value for your design project. Most design jobs are charged by the hour but can range between $50 to $75/hr depending on the type of graphic design. For all projects, big or small, a minimum of 50% of the project cost and a signed contract is required before any work is started.

+ Do you offer printing?

Nope, design only.

+ Billy Bob Design and Print Emporium only charges and they give you…

Thanks for that valuable information… But graphic design isn’t a commodity


+ What kind of input do I as a client have?

I will thoroughly discuss the project at hand with you the from the beginning. To ensure you get the final desired piece of artwork I encourage you to send me any samples, color combinations, links and ideas you may have. I will give you about 3-4 different concepts (unless you have something already concrete in mind) and you can make notations on what of each concept you like, narrowing down to just ONE. From that one we will go through a series of minor revisions (if needed). Minor revisions are color corrections, adding/removing stroke, text changes, rearrange the elements already in place. Things not allowed are adding additional elements, or taking away elements as to the original design is unrecognizable. At the conclusion of a project, I will provide you your artwork in various formats for you to proceed to the next steps in your branding.

+ Who owns the copyright on my logo?

Copyright of the final logo is yours upon receipt of final payment.

+ Why are you publishing my design or I see the designs I didn’t like on your page?

Copyright of the final logo or design you approved is yours. However, I reserve the right to use any work (final or unused concepts) for my own promotional purposes.

+ Can I get the working files you used to create my design?

Can I have KFC’s secret recipe so I can make my own 11 herbs and spices chicken? Same principle applies. =)

What you will receive, depending on the project, is flatten ready to go file formats acceptable for all types of printing or web usage, color and/or black/white.

+ Can I see a prototype or a sample before I submit payment and a contract?

You get paid to go to work based on your skill and education, so do I. I make a living off my ideas and designs, so it’s highly unlikely that I will let you “pick my brain” or “see a prototype” for free. I strongly encourage you to view my portfolio to see if my style of work is something you think will work for you.

+ What if I don’t like it at all and want a refund?

There are absolutely no refunds whether partial or full regardless of the situation. I will work with the client as much as possible to give a satisfactory piece of art. Giving me examples, sketches or being as descriptive as possible with your ideas and concepts will ensure you get the piece of art that you desire.

+ What type of payments do you accept?

For the sake of a peace of mind for you and myself, and accounting, I only accept Paypal.PayPalSprite  

Look at What I Know... and What I Don't...


Objective: To secure a position that allows me to demonstrate and advance my current skills and focuses in the graphic design field; provides learning opportunities in the layout, design and print media communities.


Education and Activities

Benedict College, Columbia SC
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art
GPA 3.47 Graduated Cum Laude

South Carolina Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (Internship)
Selected as an intern to enhance my skills of designing various projects using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark Express.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Sigma Mu Zeta Active member, Public Relations Committee, served as undergraduate advisor to Young Harris College, Alpha Upsilon Chapter, and Scholarship Committee Member.

Work Experience

Standard Press, Atlanta, GA
Digital Prepress/Planning

  • Responsible for researching client specs to estimate and negotiate print costs of print materials to keep within the project guidelines
  • Maintaining production order tickets using Monarch system to ensure digital print project accuracy
  • Variable and static digital preflight and prepress operations
  • Proof client projects for layout, content, and accuracy during the design stages
  • Creates production media for the HP Indigo 7900 and 12000
  • Drive quality issues and provide feedback on procedural initiatives

DG Solutions, Conyers, GA
Prepress and Data Processing Specialist

  • In-house graphic design and consultation
  • Variable and static preflight and prepress operations
  • Created advance layouts for medical surveys to contain sensitive data
  • Performed high level quality control procedures on creative design proofing
  • Handled direct mail print projects from receipt of raw data to output of production files, including data clean-up, data manipulation, merge purge & variable data layout

Dove Direct, Atlanta, GA
Senior Pre-media Analyst

  • Manage workflow of entire print and data center
  • Project planning, production operations, schedule, and monitor P&DC employees
  • Performed daily quality checks on data and print collateral
  • Enforce company quality and performance standards
  • Customer consultation & account management
  • Created variable data processing templates
  • Designed processing procedures for new projects

dDirect, Atlanta, GA
Digital Media Specialist/Designer

  • In-house graphic design and consultation
  • Variable and static preflight and prepress operations
  • Designed e-mail advertisements, scheduled e-mail blast, set up and consultation on pURL campaigns
  • Company web site maintenance and redesign

Wentworth Printing, W. Columbia, SC
Digital Pre-Press & Indigo Press Operator

  • Performed graphic design and digital preflight operations
  • Checked & altered graphic files if necessary to assure quality of images & file formats are acceptable for printing
  • Performed duties as an offset plate operator
  • Full operation of fulfillment center via inventory management system (Pro-Mail)
  • Full operation & advanced maintenance of HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press

Computer Software Knowledge

  • Graphic: Adobe Creative Suite 2018. Pit Stop Pro HTML5, CSS and beginners experience in Javascript and Actionscript.
  • Microsoft Office: Outlook, Powerpoint, Word, and Excel
  • VDP software: XMPie uDirect, HP Smartstream, Design Merge, FusionPro Desktop & Expressions
  • Web to Print: Printable FusionPro Web to Print
  • Email Marketing: EasyPurl and MailChimp
  • pURLs: EasyPurl and Printable FusionPro Links
  • Social Media Platforms: FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Mail Processing: BCC Mail Manager and Satori Bulk Mailer
  • Other: Wordpress, HubSpot, Rampage, Monarch, & Pro-Mail Inventory System

Honors & Awards

Dean’s List (1999-2003)
Recipient of L.I.F.E Scholarship (2001-2003)
Recipient of United Negro College Fund Scholarships (2001-2003)
Recipient of Graduate Academic Fellowship (2005)
Graduated Cum Laude with BFA (2003)


The easiest way reach me by email at katoriajones at Kalikapeiace.com. I’ll respond within 24 hours.